As part of my work at CGI, I participated in the creation of a web application to allow external users to McGill to create accounts to access multiple McGill`s systems.

McGill needed a system that can connect to multiple web applications with a local account, LDAP, OpenID, and others. That is why they chose to use CAS which allows using many different accounts services.


  • Manage and follow tasks for the team.
  • Create files for the installation of the database, configuration and the package to deploy.
  • Deploying the application to the test environment.
  • Guide and answer questions from testers.
  • Login system
    • Customizing the CAS software.
    • Integration of design in HTML and CSS.
    • Create a basic configuration to allow users to connect to a local database and internal users at McGill.
  • User management system in the local database
    • Grails application.
    • Integration of design in HTML and CSS.
    • Secure access to the application using Spring security.
    • Administration section
      • View users and enable / disable them.
      • Make a search in events (audit).
    • Create account section
      • Registration.
      • Forgot password mechanism.
    • My account section
      • Edit our name, email and password.
  • Create daily maintenance jobs activated by a web service call.
  • Allow to login with different Spring Security “providers” depending on the accessed page.
    • According to the page, LDAP or CAS is used.
    • The login pages are different depending on the case.
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