As part of my work at CGI, I participated in the creation of a web application to allow graduate students to apply for master or doctorate.

Version 2 covers the entire process:

  • Allow administrators to create forms to be completed by applicants depending on the program.
  • Allow applicants to create their profile and submit applications.
  • Allow people to support the candidacy of the applicant by uploading a file.
  • Enable internal and external reviewers at McGill to search and visualize the applications according to their permissions.
  • Allow McGill’s administrators to manage permissions.


  • Occasionally:
    • Create files for the installation of the database, configuration and deployment of the package.
    • Deploy the application to the test environment.
    • Guide and answer questions from testers.


  • Grails Application.
  • Create and access web services with CXF and Groovy wslite.
  • Create daily maintenance jobs started by a call to a web service.
  • Coding integrations points:
    • With web services.
    • With stored procedures in the Oracle database.
    • By creating views in the Oracle database.
    • Create stubs to use in the development and test environments.
    • With CAS via SAML to retrieve the logged-in user attributes.
  • Generate PDF with Flying Saucer
  • Create frontend pages with ZKUI
    • Manage email templates and PDF documents containing variables.
    • Management rules for automatic approval of an application.
  • Create SQL scripts to migrate the structure and data from version 1 to version 2 of the application.
  • Create a filter to verify that the back office users have the required permission to perform certain tasks. Each controller and action can select its permission with an annotation.
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