As part of my work at CGI, I participated in the creation of a web application to allow graduate students to apply for master or doctorate.

Version 0 is a rapid development to cover some parts of the process:

  • Allow people to support the candidacy of an applicant by uploading a file.
  • Enable internal reviewers to McGill as external reviewers to search and visualize the applications according to their permissions.
  • Allow McGill coordinators to manage permissions.


  • Manage and follow tasks for the team.
  • Create files for the installation of the database, configuration and deployment of the package.
  • Deploy the application to the test environment.
  • Guide and answer questions from testers.


  • Grails Application.
  • Secure access to the application using Spring security (local database and LDAP for internal reviewers).
  • Implement a system that locks people trying to connect several times with an invalid password. They are blocked for one hour.
  • Encrypt all passwords in the configuration file.
  • Manage the external reviewers (create, assign applications to look at, change their password).
  • Communicate with a SOAP web service to save uploaded documents to Documentum.
  • Daily jobs to notify and remind referees by e-mail for applications that the system waits for their response.
  • The internal and external reviewers can search and view the applications assigned to them by departments and applications list.

The web site (needs an account)

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