As part of my work at CGI, I participated in a project at Aimia (Aeroplan) to help create a service that evaluates the value of an Aeroplan reward versus the requested item (airplane flights). This is right after phase 2.


  • Analyze business needs versus data that can be obtained and used.
  • Develop business rules based on available data.
  • Design and develop a part of the solution.


  • Application using Java and Spring Source.
  • Create jUnits tests for everything that is developed.
  • Improve some unit tests written previously to use the Spring tools.
  • Improve error handling because some problems were added by changing the tactics between phases 1 and 2.
  • Improve the orchestration of the solution since it became too big after the additions of features.
  • Document the possibility of having a tool that continuously tests the new code compared to the production one.
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