As part of my work at CGI, I participated in a project at Aimia (Aeroplan) to help create a service that evaluates the value of an Aeroplan reward versus the requested item (airplane flights). This is right after phase 1. Phase 2 is to have a job that checks all new bookings of flights and adds those that have not worked or were not found. It adds all the entries in the queue.


  • Analyze business needs versus data that can be obtained and used.
  • Develop business rules based on available data.
  • Design and develop a part of the solution.


  • Application using Java and Spring Source.
  • Create jUnits tests for everything that is developed.
  • Create the database DAO for DB2:
    • Create the domain objects classes.
    • Use JDBC Template with RowMappers to read data.
    • Use JDBC Template to write, update and delete the data.
  • Create REST web service and client to:
    • list all bookings to be added to the queue.
    • change a reservation state to tell if it was audited or not.
  • Change some business rules from the analysis of data by the auditors.
  • Add functionality to the web application to help test manually:
    • Possible to obtain the data production in batch and zip them for use with a Mock.
    • Display the content of the new table that lists unaudited bookings.

On the side:

  • Create a Perl script to generate a file containing the airports and their cities to fix an issue in another system that impacts on the audit.
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