As part of my work at CGI, I participated in the creation of a new site for L.L.Bean direct to business. This service allows companies to buy clothes of this company and add their logo.


  • User Management
    • registration, login, logout and  change password
    • list of shipping addresses
  • Subcategories page
    • Display products and their prices
    • Pagination
  • Product page
    • Choose a color
    • Show grid sizes and models (male / female) to enter quantities
  • Gift cards page
    • Manage the available values ​​dynamically
  • Users logos management
    • Upload logos
    • Apply logos on the products
    • Receiving digitized logos by an XML feed
  • Management of personalization fees
    • Fees to create new logos
    • Fees to apply logos
  • Estimation via email (sending cart by email)
  • Management of static pages
  • Volume discounts
  • Inventory management
  • SEO
    • Metadata descriptions
    • Google Remarketing Ads
    • Automatic generation of sitemap.xml
  • Performance Optimization
    • Using jProfiler
    • Using ATG cache
    • Using the Transaction Droplet on JSP pages
  • Document used libraries licences

The web site

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Créer un site web sur lequel enregistrer des hôtes où il y a une installation de logiciel (tel WordPress, Piwik, phpMyAdmin) pour qu’ils reçoivent les mises à jour automatiquement (push update).


  • Créer un site web pour enregistrer les installations
  • Créer un script pour obtenir les mises à jours sur une installation
  • Créer un système de patch qui n’envoie que les fichiers qui sont différents et non la nouvelle version en entier
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Develop a web application that allows creating a Subversion repository and managing user’s permissions to read and write in it. This application was made for the STEP comity.


  • Being able to create and edit repositories.
  • Only people from the École Polytechnique can create repositories, but they can add external people to read and write in them.
  • Being able to give a repository to someone else at Polytechnique.
  • Having a space quota that can be adjusted.
  • To have an auto cleanup of accounts and repositories to have a self-managing application.
  • Allow users a choice of receiving or not “commit” by email.

The web site

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