Cette application est une plate-forme pour créer des jeux en 2D. Elle sera utilisée pour les futurs jeux que je vais développer avec des collègues.


  • Gestion de l’affichage et de la mise à jour des objets
  • Gestion des évènements
  • Gestion des composantes réseaux
  • Avoir un service en ligne pour trouver et joindre des parties

Technologies utilisées initialement: Boost, C++, Google App Engine, Java, OpenGL, Servlet, Simple DirectMedia Layer

Technologies utilisées maintenant: Boost, C++, Amazon EC2, Amazon SES, PHP, Symfony, OpenGL, Simple DirectMedia Layer, cURL

Ce projet a été abandonné pour utiliser Java. Beaucoup de temps sera sauvé en utilisant  Java qui permet de porter le code plus facilement et qui possède en lui-même déjà beaucoup plus d’outils.

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This site launched in late October 2010, allows computer users to receive technical assistance with videos. Several softwares are dissected to learn how to use them in effective manner. Whether to have an overview of an existing software without having to install it or to learn to use them quickly, you will find your happiness on this video platform.

The web site

Technology originally used: CSS, Flex, Google App Engine, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Java, Servlet

Technologies used now: CSS, HTML, PHP, WordPress

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As part of my work at Morgan Stanley, I improved the external customers reports distribution system. The software already existed and I modified as much of the frontends than the backends components.


  • Create files for the installation of the database, configuration and the package to deploy.
  • Deploying the application to the test and production environments by coordinating with various teams involved.
  • Guide and answer questions from testers.
  • Train new developers on the team.
  • Technical support when the team’s first level could not resolve a problem.


  • Frontend
    • Usage of Flex, BlazeDS and Cairngorm libraries.
    • Allow users to save their column layout.
    • Create a new graphic style to integrate the application into a Morgan Stanley’s software suite.
  • Backend
    • Create reports cleanup scripts.
    • Create scripts to help with technical support.
    • Improve the archiving processes to make it more robust to failures.
  • Documentation
    • Create training documentation for new developers.
    • Creation of documents explaining the use of the system for the first level support team.
  • Technical interviews for hiring developers for other teams.
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