As part of my work at Morgan Stanley, I improved the external customers reports distribution system. The software already existed and I modified as much of the frontends than the backends components.


  • Create files for the installation of the database, configuration and the package to deploy.
  • Deploying the application to the test and production environments by coordinating with various teams involved.
  • Guide and answer questions from testers.
  • Train new developers on the team.
  • Technical support when the team’s first level could not resolve a problem.


  • Frontend
    • Usage of Flex, BlazeDS and Cairngorm libraries.
    • Allow users to save their column layout.
    • Create a new graphic style to integrate the application into a Morgan Stanley’s software suite.
  • Backend
    • Create reports cleanup scripts.
    • Create scripts to help with technical support.
    • Improve the archiving processes to make it more robust to failures.
  • Documentation
    • Create training documentation for new developers.
    • Creation of documents explaining the use of the system for the first level support team.
  • Technical interviews for hiring developers for other teams.
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